Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Air Canada

Just got off a flight on Air Canada from Toronto to Tampa. It is cool and windy here, but at least there is sun. Montreal hasn't seen sun for weeks. The flight was amazing --you have to pay for everything except soft drinks of coffee unless you are in business class. And they were surveying passengers regarding whether they preferred to be served in French or English --sounds as if they are trying to get rid of French on international flights, or at least on those going to the U.S. I of course answered that I preferred to be served in French. What will be the next thing to go? Will you have to pay extra to get a seat, rather than standing in the aisle?

To get a good fare I took the 6:30 flight out of Montreal and went through the terminal transfer trot, complete with a long line up to clear U.S. customs. At least on the flight from Montreal they served some free cookies with the free coffee or juice.

I am one of the many people who is something of a prisoner of Air Canada because I want to get enough Aeroplan points to go somewhere interesting. And, admittedly, they do have the largest number of flights. I wish, though, that there were more competition.


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