Friday, June 08, 2007

F1 weekend

Well, the transit strike is history at least for now, and the city is busy with visitors here for the Formula One race. Traffic is a nightmare because of at the same time, much of St. Laurent Boulevard is blocked for the street fair. Crescent Street is also pedestrians only, and the place to see some cool cars. I find I am less interested in F1 races since Michael Schumacher retired, but it is still a fun time of year.

There is not much at a budget level associated with F!, but if you happen to be on Crescent Street to see the cars and people watch, you can drop in at the Boss shop where the manager often brings her lovely Bernese Mountain Dog (named Bluey, because he has one blue eye.) Nearby, the Claddagh is a nice place to have a beer and enjoy some Irish stew. It is the gathering place of the Montreal Press Club, so you may spot some journalists there.

The St. Laurent street fair offers more at the budget level, although I am afraid my favorite place to shop, Welch's Book Store, has moved too far up the street to be included in the fair --will have to check that out. They used to offer lots of books for $1 and it was a great deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Nice blog. Didn't know you're an F1 fan too. Good for you. I was quite devastated when Michael announced his retirement -- couldn't imagine F1 being as interesting again -- but you know what, Lewis Hamilton is filling the gap left by Shumi, or let's just say he's reinvigorated the races for me. Impossible to guess who will win the championship, which may be a good thing, or at least the Shumi detractors who hated him for all his success will think so.


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