Friday, August 24, 2007

Moscow hotels

After much research I booked a hotel in Moscow through, the Maxima Irbis on the north side outside the Garden Ring but supposedly near a Metro station. It got a good review on It is farther out that I would like, but there is virtually nothing available in the center that is less than $300 a night. I know Moscow is the most expensive city in the world according to some, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, here's hoping it's a nice place and that I can learn to use the Metro quickly. And I hope the Metro doesn't shut down, as part of the Montreal Metro just did. I was at the Bay store in downtown Montreal and the Metro entrance was closed when I tried to take it to get home. I got a bus home, and just learned from reading the online Montreal Gazette that there was a crack in the basement ceiling of the Bay, which is right above the McGill Metro Station. There is construction going on downtown on de Maisonneuve Boulevard, which parallels the Metro. This whole city is falling apart --hope Moscow is in better shape.

The only bargain I have found, aside from my air fare, is the bus fare to Boston from Montreal. I considered driving and parking at the airport, but the return bus fare costs less than long term parking for 10 days, and that doesn't include gas, etc. for the car. If you book a week ahead, the return fare Montreal to Boston is only $89, and you can leave the driving to them.


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