Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moscow on my mind

I have found and booked a good air fare to Moscow, $870 return from Boston in September, with Now I'm in the process of trying to find reasonably priced accommodations in central Moscow, and that is proving to be more of a challenge. The cheapest hotels are over $100 a night, and that is for something so far out from town that they advertise nearby fields, streams and quiet.

I am debating between signing up for a Russian language course (beginner level) and being in a homestay (which may also be quite a ways from the center) and spending more and renting a furnished apartment more or less in the center. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. I stayed in an apartment in St. Petersburg two years ago, shared with another person. It was a pleasant place, but the entrance was a little scary --lots of locks and numbers to remember, no recent attempt at cleaning or dusting. And although it was central, it was still a long walk from my destination most days, Herzen University. But it was fun living like a real Russian, having to buy groceries and make my way around with no front desk person to answer questions.

If I were willing to fork over big bucks for a mid-range hotel ($250 per night or more,) my problem would solve itself. But that is the challenge and the glory of budget travel, finding a way to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for more on my Russia adventure...and if you happen to know anyone in Moscow who wants to sublet their flat for a couple of weeks in September, please let me know.


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