Monday, April 14, 2008

Monasteries in Europe

Staying in a convent or monastery is one good way to save money while travelling in Europe. Many of the places that offer accommodation to visitors are located in beautiful settings, and they are almost always quiet and clean. Smart travellers have been taking advantage of these lodgings for many years, but with the rise of the euro they are more attractive than ever, since they offer accommodation for an average of $30 to $45 per night per person. Monasteries are open to those of all or little faith, and do not entail any religious obligation.

There are guidebooks available to monasteries in Italy, France and Spain, at the Website Each book costs $22.95 U.S., or $59.95 U.S. for all three. I have yet to invest in one of these books, but the next time I head to one of the countries they cover I will do so.


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There is now a good website for booking monasteries in Italy You might like to take a look as it has over 300 monasteries all over Italy. Prices are slightly more than you quoted but there are single rooms available for single with no extra supplement.

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