Monday, November 09, 2009

Southern buffet in Santee S.C.

The buffet lunch at Clark's Restaurant in Santee S.C. almost made up for the bad Mexican meal the night before. It included a large salad bar, an excellent choice of hot dishes including meat loaf and fried chicken along with an excellent sweet potato casserole spiced with pineapple and an equally succulent spinach souffle, along with several other dishes I did not sample. There was also dessert and hot bread, all for a mere $9.95.

Clark's bills itself as an historic inn and it is pretty, but it was built in 1946 to imitate an antebellum mansion. The dining room has dark walls and wood trim, Windsor chairs and small sparkling white Christmas style lights in the corners. Clark's also offers rooms for the night with breakfast for about $87, not much more than you pay for a similar motel room in this part of the world.


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