Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hostels U.S.A. guidebook

I'm not a big fan of hostels, but reading the Hostels U.S.A guidebook is almost enough to get me to change my mind. The book lists and gives extensive reviews, including a rating system, of hostels in many American states and three Canadian provinces. Some of them sound very appealing.
For instance, there is a hostel located in a former lighthouse in the remote town of Cape Vincent, NY in the Thousand Islands region that receives high praise. The most interesting way to reach it is from Kingston, ON by ferry to Wolfe Island, then another ferry to Cape Vincent on the mainland.
In New York City, where it is hard to find a hotel room for less than $200 a night, the guide reviews seven hostels where a bed costs no more than $50 per night. At the other end of the country, the lightly populated state of Montana boasts five hostels that rate reviews, and they all sound appealing.
Staying in a hostel can permit a visit to an otherwise very pricey location such as Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, summer home to many of the rich and famous. And many single travellers enjoy hostels because they are good places to meet other friendly souls.
Someday I will try hostelling again--I should not let a bad experience at a cold, dirty hostel in Scotland put me off hostels forever.
The Hostels U.S.A. guidebook is written by Paul Karr and produced by Globe Pequot Press. The most recent edition seems to be 2006, so some of the information is out of date by now. For example, the hostel listed in Clearwater Beach, FL is now closed.


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