Sunday, February 20, 2011

Caretaker Jobs

One way to travel at minimal cost is to work along the way. Caretaking jobs (for homes, ranches, kennels, farms, inns etc.) are the option some people choose. These jobs usually offer a place to stay, sometimes board as well, in exchange for various amounts and types of work.
Some people just want someone to be in their place to keep an eye on things, others require large amounts of work--gardening, cleaning, housekeeping, sometimes even handling reservations or driving. There are quite a few of these jobs, but finding them isn't easy. That is where a publication called the Caretaker Gazette ( comes in. It is available either online or in print. The cost is $29.95 a year for the online version, $34.95 for the print edition.
From the Website it looks as if most of these jobs are in the United States, but some are inter-national. There was an ad for a stint of several months in England, for example.
The newsletter has been around for years and has been featured in many news programs, so it is not fly-by-night. There are samples of previous issues on the site, and testimonials from customers. One I checked (because the person is a writer) was by a woman who has been caretaking for most of her life. She enjoys it because it gives her a nice place to live and enough time to write, and she finds the physical work a welcome break from working at a computer.
Combining travel and work is a great way to travel more or minimize costs. This could be worth a look.



Anonymous Marcia Browne said...

As a single woman who has used The Caretaker Gazette to find housesitting and caretaking positions I really enjoyed your article and recommend the Gazette to others. Thank you!

4:47 pm

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