Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cruise Savings with Affordable Tours

This is a good time of year to save on cruises. Affrordable Tours ( offers some Caribbean cruises on the Carnival Cruise Line and on NCL for less than $100 a day.
Even on the deluxe Queen Mary 2 of Cunard, the minimum rate for a 21-day North Atlantic cruise with stops in Southampton, Hamburg and Oslo, is $2852, or about $135 per day. The cruise leaves from and returns to Brooklyn NY, making it very convenient for people in the northeastern US and eastern Canada. There are a lot of days at sea on this cruise, which could be very relaxing.
I haven't sailed on the Queen Mary 2, but my most recent crossing on the QE2 in 2001 was a far cry from a similar earlier voyage. Cunard is now owned by Carnival, and while some of the fine British naval tradition has been preserved, there is a lot more commercialism on board. Instead of lectures by noted actors and academics, we had people like Lord Wedgewood trying to flog his china. I have not sailed with NCL or Carnival, but from what I have read those lines are even worse. There are a lot of extra charges, and constant attempts to get passengers to part with their hard earned cash.
So be warned that while the basic fare may be low, there will be a lot of extra costs. And don't think you can avoid some of them by, for instance, taking your own booze aboard. At least one of these lines x-rays passenger luggage and confiscates any bottles of wine or spirits for the duration of the voyage.
Affordable Tours also provides discounts on a number of package land tours. It's worth checking with them before booking this type of trip.


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