Monday, February 14, 2011

Park, Sleep, Fly

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I've heard a lot of people complaining lately about the difficulties of air travel. Planes are overbooked, weather problems abound, security people are overzealous, thousands of people get stranded at airports around the world. While it is true that flying isn't as much fun as it used to be, there are ways to reduce stress and increase your chances of having a good trip.
One way is to get to the airport early, even the night before a flight, and stay over at a hotel. The Website offers combinations of hotel stays and extended parking for those who have very early departures. Given that airport parking rates can be very steep (the airport parking at Montreal's main airport is $25 a day,) this can provide significant savings. The deals include transport to and from the airport after you have parked your car.
Rates vary depending on the city of origin--in Montreal they start at $75 at EconoLodge with 3 days of free parking. In Toronto, the Quality Inn charges $85 with 7 days of parking, while in Albany NY the lowest rate is at the Best Western, $98 with parking for 7 days.
Because taxis to airports can be very pricey, these deals could be worthwhile. Driving to the airport, staying overnight and parking your car for a few days could work to be less costly than two taxi fares. The plans are available in many cities in the United States and some in Canada, and Europe.


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With airport parking climbing up in prices in the US, I appreciate this post on some alternatives for cheap airport parking ideas. I know that some Marriott and Hampton Inns also provide these type of park, sleep, and fly options.


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