Monday, October 17, 2011 Hard to Access

I was hoping to use the Website to talk about my experience with Continental Airlines (I'm still waiting to be reimbursed,) but found that I was not able to sign on to the site. My computer is reasonably new, so I don't know what the problem was.
On a brighter note, I was finally able to get through to comeone at Continental who gave me information I should have been given a lot earlier. She said that in order to receive reimbursement for a hotel I paid for when a flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons, I needed to send in the original receipt from the hotel (I had sent a copy.) Now I have to go through the whole maneuvre again, wait for mail to be received and sent, etc., etc., but it does look as if I will finally be getting back the money I was promised. It would be very helpful if the airlines could set out clear guidelines on their Websites on what to do in cases like this, since it is very difficult to reach anyone who can be helpful by telephone.
Incidentally, I discovered that at least with Continental, I should have pressed the button for feedback rather than the one for refunds (go figure.) I can't promise this will work with other airlines.
My travel problem pales in comparison to one I heard about last night, from a friend who was pickpocketed in Rome and lost all his ID, passport, credit cards, cash etc. the day before he was supposed to return to Montreal. Luckily he was travelling with his girlfriend who was able to get him some money. He said the Canadian embassy in Rome was not helpful because it was a weekend and they were closed. However, he was able to get on his return flight without a passport even though everyone except his travel agent had told him it would be impossible. He got on the return flight by going to the airport and speaking with a supervisor of his airline. Just goes to show you should never take no for an answer, and that travel agents can be worth their money.



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