Monday, November 07, 2011

Airline Complaints Website

I recently discovered the site, where travellers can register their problems with airline and view the experience and advice of their fellow sufferers, er I mean travellers. You need to register to post a complaint, but you can find some useful advice without registering.
It's now been more than three months since I sent a letter to Continental Airlines requesting payment of a hotel bill incurred when that airline cancelled my flight for mechanical reasons. (Airlines are required to put travellers up when a cancellation is for mechanical problems, but not when it results from weather problems.)
I called the airline again last week and was assured a supervisor would call me back later that day, but to my complete lack of surprise I heard no more from them. I am determined to collect the money Continental owes me, but based on what I read on the Website it may take quite a while longer. Unfortunately, it is not just Continental that gets a lot of complaints from customers. Wish I had some good advice for these types of situations, but other than not travelling by air I can't think of any.

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