Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another Heartland Hotel Bargain

My peripatetic cousin Pat Piton has unearthed another good hotel deal in South Dakota, one of the states he visits regularly. This one is the Ortman Hotel and Brick Oven Restaurant in Canistota SD, where a single room with bath but no television or air conditioning goes for just $23.95 a night, or $27.95 if you stay just one night. Most rooms have both TV and AC, and start at $33.95 for one, $37.95 for two, and four dollars more for a one night stay. These prices were in effect in 2010, may be slightly higher now. The telephone no. of the hotel is 1-800-801-3132.
I think Pat must take after our great-grandmother Lucie, who moved from Quebec City to Chicago in order to become a successful milliner back around the turn of the 20th century. He has an amazing eye for a bargain. During the summer he found a place to stay at a nurse's residence in Sheridan WY for only $15 per night. Just goes to show that if you look, you can often find inexpensive places to stay.

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