Thursday, May 03, 2012

Savings on European Cruises

Now that photos of the wreck of the Costa Concordia are starting to fade from public memory, it's a great time to grab some bargains on European sailings. Holland America Line ( is offering some amazing deals on cruises of the Mediterranean or the Norwegian fjords. Prices start at $599 U.S. for the Mediterranean, $699 for the fjords, per person based on double occupancy, for a 7 day cruise.
I can attest that Mediterranean cruises are a great way to see some of the marvels of antiquity as well as scenic beauty and interesting cultures. The Holland American cruise leaves from Civitavecchia, the port for Rome, and visits Portofino, Monaco, Barcelona, Tunis and Palermo before returning to Rome. This gives you a chance to view two of the most famous and gorgeous jet set destinations, Portofino and Monaco, Barcelona with its unique cultural treasures starting with the Sagrada Familia, an unfinished but very impressive cathedral built by Art Nouveau architect Gaudi.  Tunis is noted for its proximity to the ruins of Carthage (remember "Cartago delendum est" from the second oration of Cicero against Cataline, all you Latin scholars,) while Palermo is a charming city despite(or maybe because of) its associations with the Mafia. What more could you ask of a week's cruise?
I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Norwegian fjords, but the Holland America sailing sounds like a very inexpensive way to do so. Norway is noted for being perhaps the most expensive country in Europe, so independent travel there is costly. A cruise allows you to view the scenic majesty of the fjords without spending more time on land than you wish. The cruise leaves from Rotterdam, conveniently located near Schipol, the airport for Amsterdam and one of Europe's best. Rotterdam itself is worth a visit for its enormous port and some remnants of traditional Dutch architecture (the city was bombed very heavily during World War II.)


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