Thursday, June 07, 2012

Montreal to Toronto by Megabus

Last weekend I had my second experience with Megabus, ( the company that operates double decker buses in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The price was very reasonable, just $80 return including tax, about one-third of what a train trip would have cost. It is possible to get even lower fares if you book farther ahead or at less popular times.
However, I noticed some changes from my previous trip. There was no rest stop in Kingston on the way down, as there used to be. (I managed one but only by getting off the bus quickly and running fast, since the bus does pick up and discharge passengers in Kingston, about half way between the two cities.) There is a rest room on board the bus, but please, airplane restrooms are bad enough.That also meant no time to buy food, so if you hadn't brought anything to eat you were out of luck, with nothing to eat for a trip of more than six hours.
On the return there was a rest stop at Kingston, so I'm not sure whether there usually is.
As it happened I arrived in Toronto last Friday during a torrential rainstorm which flooded part of Union Station and shut down the subway system for a while, so I was glad I was not travelling by rail on that occasion. However, there is no question that rail travel is usually more comfortable. But it's hard to beat the bus for price--even the gas to drive your own car would cost close to $80.
I was in Toronto to attend Bloody Words XII, a very good conference for mystery writers. Met an agent who expressed some interest in my Russian mystery, so here's hoping.

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