Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Electronic Book on Russia Now Available

If you haven't kept up with all the postings here, or if you just want a lot of information about how to visit Russia on a budget in one place, check out my new ebook "Budget Travel Tips for Russia." It offers ways to save on food, lodging and transportation while visiting one of the world's most challenging countries for travellers. It is available for purchase from my Website,
I couldn't find anything similar on the market, so decided this would be a good way to help people who want to travel in this very fascinating country without breaking the bank. It is filled with links to useful Websites, as well as tricks I have picked up over a number of visits to the country Ronald Reagan once dubbed the "Evil Empire."
Depending on how this goes, I'm thinking of producing a series of similar short ebooks of budget travel tips for other places I know well, such as Montreal, cruises, Berlin, Washington, etc. The major publishers seem to be neglecting the budget market now--even Lonely Planet guides contain high end hotel choices for the well-heeled. And since the whole publishing scene is very much in transition, this is as good a time as any to experiment with new ways of helping people travel better and for less money.
In any case, I would very much appreciate your purchase and feedback.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Good luck with the book, which, if it is as interesting as your blog posts, will be well worth the small financial outlay.
(From a fan on PEI - you know who I am.)

8:02 am


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