Friday, August 31, 2012

Savings on Cruises, Far East travel

I have recently discovered a couple of Websites that may be helpful for certain kinds of budget travel. The first is, which offers discounts on many different cruise lines and helpful information such as which lines charge the lowest single supplements or, occasionally, none at all. Unfortunately the site has become a lot less user friendly just in the last few days.
When I first looked at it, you could scan for discounts on many different cruise lines, get information on last minute deals, and check into single supplements all without the hassle of registering and specifying a specific cruise region or date. That is no longer the case. From what I gleaned a few days ago, the luxury line Seabourn Cruises is offering steep discounts now on most of its sailings around the world. But be warned, the price will probably still be in the range of $300 per day per person or more. This is a big savings off the usual cost, but not what I would call a bargain.
Another site worth checking into is, a Website run by an Australian woman who has lived in Japan and travelled there extensively. She has posts about budget-friendly lodging in Tokyo and other cities, as well as information on cheap travel in Korea. A recent post about homestays in Korea sounds intriguing, since they start at as low as $30 per person. In Japan, she is a big fan of the Tokoyo Inns chain of budget hotels.
This site isn't updated very frequently and contains a lot of ads, but also some appealing pictures and useful information.


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