Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Air Canada Sale to London and Paris

You still have two days and about nine hours to take advantage of Air Canada's fare sale between London, Paris and major Canadian destinations. Travel dates are 26 October to 10 December, as well as 24 December to 24 March. Travel must be booked at least seven days ahead and flights must be on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Even on sale, you will pay nearly $1,000 for return flights to either of these cities from Montreal or Toronto, more from other destinations. Still, the price is not bad considering that taxes and various fees account for more than $600 of the fare, and the airline gets only the remainder. No wonder people fly out of the U.S. when possible, where fees are generally lower.
However, if you want to rack up some Aeroplan miles while you fly, this sounds like a pretty good deal. Bookonline at www.aircanada.com.


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