Monday, December 10, 2012

Free Home Exchange Site

Home exchange is a great way to reduce travel expenses. By trading apartments or homes with someone in a place you want to visit, both of you get a free place to stay. There are a number of Websites offering exchanges, but most of them charge at least a nominal fee.
However, provides free home exchanges for members, and has members in more than 90 countries.The site's mission is to make it easier for more people to travel, and it was started by two travel fanatics with Web expertise who pledge to keep it free.
 Selections seem to be largest in major North American and European cities, but there are usually at least a few members virtually any place you would like to go. I checked a few of the places available in Berlin and noticed that many of the members seem to be relatively young and somewhat artistic, so the places are interesting-looking. If you can find someone who wants to visit your city at the same time, this could be a very good choice.
I have never tried home exchange myself, though I would be very tempted to give it a shot in an expensive city like Moscow, Tokyo or Paris.


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