Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Uber Alles?

I recently tried to check some hotel recommendations on TripAdvisor (,) and found the Website asking me whethermy email address was connected with a certain picture and Facebook account. Rather than answer, I decided to close the site, since I find this interaction between Websites kind of creepy.
A few months ago I found Couchsurfing ( trying to do the same thing, and again my response was just to close the site. Now I notice that Couchsurfing seems to have given up this practice, and I am glad.
I have never signed up with Amazon ( because I find their practice of recommending books for you based on the books you are searching very invasive. I realize that all these sites are free, and I suppose these interconnections are a way of trying to monetize their users. I wonder who well it works. In my case, I have just decided to skip TripAdvisor for now, or just check it at the library or on someone else's computer.
I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has had similar experiences, and if so how you reacted. Perhaps I am just being over-sensitive.


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