Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alliance Francaise for Language Learning

If French is a language you want to learn, the big dog among language schools is the French government-affiliated Alliance Francaise ( Based in Paris, it has branches around the world (including many in the U.S.) and offers courses at all levels, as well as teacher training.
Attending a course during the summer in Paris provides you with a purpose beyond sightseeing, ready-made companions, and access to moderately-priced accommodation in an expensive city. During July and August, you can even stay at regular university residences while attending classes, or with a family for more practice and immersion in the culture. I was not able to verify exact prices from the Website, but they are sure to be a better deal than most budget hotels. It is also possible to book furnished apartments through the lodging service if you desire more privacy and amenities.
French is no longer the main international language, but it is still very useful for travel in Europe, in Quebec, in parts of West Africa and parts of the Caribbean and South America (French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe.) And French culture, with its emphasis on elegance and style, is one of which most other cultures are in awe. The famous line about good Americans going to Paris when they die still holds true for many, and even the quintessential German film star Marlene Dietrich chose to spend her last years in Paris.
You could do worse than starting to study or brushing up on your French at the famed Alliance Francaise.


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