Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book Cruises late in October

Last night I enjoyed dinner with some well-travelled friends  at the Cafe Cherrier ( in downtown Montreal. This pleasant French-style bistro on the corner of St. Denis and Cherrier is a favourite haunt of Parti Quebecois types and, more importantly, serves good food at moderate prices.
My friends, who were visiting from Ottawa, mentioned that the last week of October is normally when cruise lines offer special deals on the coming year's sailings. They have recently returned from a Danube River cruise between Budapest and Regensburg, and earlier this year enjoyed both a Galapagos cruise and a visit to Macchu Pichu, the ancient Inca site in Peru. By booking last October, they were able to secure big savings on both these adventures.
They promised to forward to me information on exactly how to secure these savings, and as soon as I learn more I will pass the information along.


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