Friday, May 03, 2013

Europe on a Budget

If you know you want to go to Europe but can't decide where, consider consulting "The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget." More or less a successor to the iconic "Europe on $5 a Day" by Arthur Frommer, it covers all the major countries in Europe and gives basic information on visiting each country on a budget.
From Ireland to Russia, you can learn about the history, culture, language and main attractions and general price level of the different countries. Obviously, because it covers so much the guide can only manage a few suggestions of places to stay and eat in each country it includes. Once you decide on one or more countries, you will probably want to consult sources with more detailed information.
You will notice that the daily budgets differ quite a lot between relatively inexpensive countries like Romania or Portugal and high-cost ones like Great Britain or Switzerland, and plan your trip accordingly if money is a big concern (and isn't it usually?)
Rough Guides ( are produced in the UK and I have often found them helpful, particularly for relatively unknown destinations.


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