Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deals on Norwegian Star

I have found some amazing deals on the Norwegian Star, one of the ships of Norwegian Cruise Line ( To get the best prices you have to leave from Copenhagen this month, on June 21 or June 30, for a nine-day Baltic cruise that includes stops in Germany, St. Petersburg,  Helsinki, and Stockholm.

An inside cabin goes for as little as $399, provided you book it through If you prefer to wait until July, the price rises to $599 for an inside cabin, still quite amazing.  Even when you add on extra costs for shore excursions, tips etc. you can probably still get away for not much more than $100 per day per person.

In St. Petersburg you can take "approved" excursions without a visa for Russia, starting at about $100 per day. I remember reading a story by someone who had taken off on his own in Petersburg, but don't remember whether he had a visa or not. He did walk a long ways to the Metro, as I recall.

If time at sea appeals, you might consider the TransAtlantic crossing on Norwegian Star from Copenhagen to Miami on October 1, which stops at Ponta Delgado in the Azores. Rates for an inside cabin start at $536.


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