Monday, June 24, 2013

Lufthansa Contest

If you are one of those lucky people who easily falls asleep on planes, you can share your tips on how you do it and possibly win a free trip to Europe with Lufthansa (

I used to sleep readily on planes, but rarely do so now. Perhaos it's because I'm not flying as much as I did at one time. To enter the contest, become a fan of the Facebook page of Lufthansa USA, or follow Lufthansa USA on Twitter. The information on how to enter is on the Facebook page, but you are probably too late to get one of the free travel kits Lufthansa is offering. The promotion is in aid of poublicizing their flat seats, available in first class.

Lufthansa is a good airline even if you can't afford first class. When I can, I fly with them.

For a different view of flying and an excellent account of a very scary experience, check out the latest blog post on Don, one of the authors. writes well about the terrible time they endured in trying to reach Srinagar in northern India. After several attempts and incredible turbulence that made most passengers scream, the plane diverted to New Delhi. A few hours later, they were able to complete the trip.


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