Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Airline News

Jet Blue (www.jetblue.com,) the low-cost carrier based in the U.S., has announced that now airline miles earned in its True Blue program will never expire. By doing so, it becomes just the second U.S. based airline to offer this privilege.

Delta Airlines (www.delta.com) is the other airline with this feature on its Sky Miles program. Non-expiration of mileage is a big advantage, because it is so easy to forget and let your miles expire through inactivity on most other airline loyalty programs.

There were screeches from passengers several years ago when Air Canada (www.aircanada.com) introduced regulations that required activity on Aeroplan accounts every year to retain the miles. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to fly with the airline, since Air Canada and many offer lines have tie-in deals with partners which you can use to keep your miles active. Still, it is a bother.

Star Alliance, the airline group that includes Air Canada, Lufthansa (www.lufthansa.com) and many other airlines has a new member, Taiwan-based EVA Airlines (www.evaair.com.)


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