Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Deals on Air Fare

I have a friend who travels frequently between New York and Montreal, and who complains that the usual air fare between these not very distant cities is too high. She may be pleased to learn about Air Canada's ( Web-only sale on cross-border flights.

This sale reduces the one-way fare between the two cities to $164, provided you book ahead and book by July 7. Travel must take place by October 31 of this year. Similar reductions also apply for a number of other cities, such as San Diego to Edmonton for $161 each way, or Portland OR to Vancouver for $152 one-way. The advance purchase requirements vary from city to city, but are at least 7 days.

Within the United States, there are even better deals. Travelocity ( quotes round trip fares starting at $90 on Frontier Airlines ( Round trips for less than $200 are available on some domestic routes of Air Tran ( Virgin America ( and American ( American is also cutting fares on some international routes to Asia, the Caribbean and Central America.


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