Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eurolines Pass Offers Value

If like me you long for the days of easy, unlimited travel with a Eurail pass on European railways, you may want to look into the travel passes offered by Eurolines (www.eurolines.com.)

While bus travel isn't as glamourous or as comfortable as rail travel, it can be a lot cheaper with a Eurolines Pass. The minimum cost for 15 days of unlimited travel on their network is 215 euros for an adult in low season, which is basically winter. Best of all, you can plan your trip as you go.

The routes accesible with this pass stretch from Alicante, Spain in the south to Stockholm, Sweden in the north, and from Dublin in the west to Vilnius and Bucharest in the east. In other words, you can cover most of western and eastern Europe.

My experience with bus travel in Europe has been limited to tour buses, but the reasonable cost of these passes means that I will definitely explore it in future. The flexibility of this type of pass, compared with the need for advance booking with most types of Eurail passes, is enough to make it attractive. The significantly lower cost is an added bonus.


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