Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tips for Travelling Women

If you are female and worried about travelling, the Website and newsletter Journeywoman ( has some useful information.

It is no secret that women can have more problems travelling than men do, especially in parts of the world where equal rights for women are not accepted, or where there are restrictions on local women in terms of getting around and dress. In watching news from Pakistan, for example, I am often struck by the fact that there seem to be few if any women out in public.

In addition, some women feel anxious travelling alone or without their partners. If this is you, Journeywoman could be an inspiration. Toronto-based Evelyn Hannon has been travelling for many years, and is keen to encourage other women to get out there too.

Some of the sections of the site that are especially useful are those about how to dress in various foreign cultures, and about hotels and guesthouses that particularly cater to women travellers.


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