Friday, August 30, 2013

Flight Attendants Required

If you have ever dreamed of life as a flight attendant, you should check out the jobs offered by American Airlines at bit:ly/WorkWithAA, or To qualify, you need to be able to work legally in the United States and to speak one of several foreign languages fluently--French, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Italian or Korean.

This sounds like a good opportunity if you want to fly internationally. Candidates are required to spend eight and a half weeks being trained in Dallas (8 and a half--wasn't that a Fellini movie?) and then be able to move immediately to the city that will be their home base.

Flight attendant is one of the many careers I have considered. I actually applied a few years ago when Air Canada had openings--passed the premilinary interviews and language test, but no job offer. Earlier this week I ran into a woman who is a flight attendant flying between Montreal and Rome, and felt a twinge of envy--that sounds like a nice route.

The best chance to gain one of these coveted jobs probably is to be able to speak several common foreign languages fluently, and of course to have extensive customer service experience, a lot of patience and impeccable references.

Working for a large airline is one of the best way to qualify for travel perks while at the same time earning decent money.


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