Sunday, August 11, 2013

Most and Least Expensive Destinations

According to a mid-year report by Expatulator (,) Switzerland continues to be the most expensive country in Europe for expatriates, and Zurich and Geneva are Europe's most costly cities. So it may not be just Oprah Winfrey who will want to avoid this country for a while. Norway is the second most expensive country, followed by Liechtenstein, Denmark and humble Jersey (ancestral home of your correspondent.)

Among the best bets for inexpensive living in Europe are Sofia, Bulgaria and Budapest, Hungary.

In the Middle East the country with the lowest cost of living is also one where foreigners may have the best chance of being kidnapped or blown up, Yemen. This country and its capital, Sana'a, rank lowest in this region for price. It is unfortunate that the country is so dangerous, because it is also home to some amazing architecture, tall houses built entirely out of mud brick.

 The priciest countries in the Middle East are mainly the oil states, Qatar, the Untied Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, along with Israel and Lebanon.

Tax haven islands such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Aruba are among the most expensive destinations in the Americas, and New York is the city with the highest prices. The best bet for a low-cost expat lifestyle is Managua, Nicaragua.

Tourist costs do not correlate exactly with the cost of living in a city, but they tend to be similar in terms of most and least expensive places to go.


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