Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sail TransAtlantic for $799

You can experience the elegancee of a transAtlantic crossing with Cunard ( for as little as $799 per person, based on double occupancy in an inside cabin. The trick is that you have to book by September 1, and travel in January 2014.

Cunard is offering two for one pricing on many of its 2014 sailings in different parts of the world with the same September deadline. The line sails pretty much everywhere you might want to go--through the Panama or Suez canal, to South America, South Africa, Asia or the Mediterranean.

Cunard, now owned by Carnival, is the successor to the White Star Line of Titanic fame. It probably provides the closest you can get to a feeling of stepping back in time on board, with afternoon tea, lectures and a sense of leisure. I haven't sailed with Cunard for about a dozen years, but I would still choose them over most other cruise lines. .


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