Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teach English in Ukraine

No teaching experience? No CELTA or TEFL certificate? No problem if you meet a few other requirements and are prepared to teach at the American English Center (https://facebook.com/AmericanEnglish.ua) in Ukraine. To be eligible to teach there, you must be a North American with a university degree in any subject.

The school runs its own free 10-day training program before you have to face your first class. Teaching hours are mainly in the evening, in buildings that serve as elementary schools during the day, so facilities are not luxurious. Teachers are asked to sign a contract for eight or 12 months.

In addition to Kiev, the school has centres in a number of other cities in central and eastern Ukraine, so you can experience life in smaller cities.

For an account from a teacher who was there for 19 months, check out www.8monthsinukraine.blogspot.com. for a relatively positive account of teaching at this institution. Some other accounts on the internet are less positive.

Still, how bad could it be? An opportunity to spend time in the beautiful Ukraine, have a job and get paid for it. The Ukraine is Russia light--the same culture, the same or (in western Ukraine) a very similar language, no visa requirements for North Americans, lower prices. In addition, wonderful scenery and gorgeous churches, good food, friendly people should contribute to a pleasant experience.


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