Friday, September 27, 2013

Farm Stays for a Change

The chance to spend time on a working farm is becoming a popular vacation choice for city slickers. The Website offers information on such vacations in a number of states across the United States.

Generally farm stays are reasonably priced, $125 or less per couple. Sometimes meals and breakfast are included, but often you are expected to bring your own food and prepare your own meals. As you would expect, farm stays are particularly popular with families.

The types of farms that offer lodging vary from horse farms and cattle ranches to goat farms, market garden, dairy or mixed farms. Do not expect to find peasant farmers in the U.S., where farms tend to be large and farmers are often quite well-off. I met some of these, farmers from Iowa, on a recent trip to Russia.In addition to the latest vehicles and farm equipment, one of the farmers had two private airplanes.

It is fun to get out into the country and enjoy fresh air, farm animals and a break from the routine. even if it is just for a weekend. I have enjoyed stays at a Swiss-run farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, but unfortunately it is no longer open to visitors.

In Europe too, especially Alpine Europe, farm stays are a popular and usually reasonably-priced lodging option.   


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