Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Low Cost Air Service to Moscow, Ukraine

The British-based low-cost airline Wizz Air (,) began service this week between Budapest, Hungary and Moscow, and also serves destinations in Ukraine.

The budget airlines are starting to make inroads in the Russian market, which is good news for flyers. According to an article in, several low cost carriers now have flights to Russia, including Easyjet ( Oslo-based Norwegian has flights to St. Petersburg.

Wizz Air currently flies to Kiev and Donetsk in Ukraine, and will begin flying to Lviv next year. Vueling, a Spanish budget airline, also flies to Russia. Apparently even Aeroflot (,) the major Russian airline, will soon have a low-cost subsidiary.

Now if Rusia would just ease up on its visa requirements, it might someday become a major tourist destination. It certainly deserves to be.


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