Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cruise for a Week for $419

November is generally one of the duller months in terms of weather, but not in the Eastern Caribbean. It is a great time to get deals on Norwegian Caribbean :Line's ( voyages from Miami to St. Martin, St. Thomas and Nassau. St. Martin is an especially interesting island, since it is split between French and Dutch ownership, and is a jet set playground. NCL has seven night cruises in November starting at just $419 per person, for two people sharing an inside cabin.

If you prefer to sail out of New York, the line offers cruises to the Bahamas and Florida, returning to New York. The fare for a seven night cruise on two November dates and one December date starts at $549, again for an inside cabin.

Norwegian Caribbean has a policy on its ships called freestyle cruising, which avoids any of the stuffiness that some passengers find is associated with traditional cruises. Meal times are when you want, and you can eat with people of your own choice. This is popular with families and large groups, apparently. However, as someone who usually cruises alone, I prefer set meal times and table assignments, since it is an easy way to get to know fellow passengers.

To my fellow Canadians, happy Thanksgiving weekend. The weather is great here in Montreal, and I`m off to tennis this afternoon.


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