Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Help Preserve the Planet

If you are concerned about the fate of our planet (and who isn't?) you may want to devote some time to helping scientists around the world who are working on various conservation, wildlife and biodeversity projects. Easrthwatch ( is the place to find many projects that can use your skills in various ways.

These projects are not cheap, but they can be a way to contribute to the world's welfare. In addition, if you are considering a career change, they are a good chance to try out various types of fieldword.

For example, you can travel on a reconditioned old-fashioned Amazon riverboat to regions where you will assist with research designed to protect pink dolphins, giant river otter and some other unique and threatened species. The excursions last 8 days or more, with a minimum contribution of $2575 per person.

Or if the steppes of Mongolia are your preference, consider an expedition where you work organizing and classifying various archeological discoveries in this remote area. This project lasts at least 14 days, with a minimum requirted contribution of $3475. For 2014 Earthwatch has announced nine new trips, including one that tracks predators and prey in Kenya.

Before you book one of these trips, check carefully on living conditions since some are pretty rugged.


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