Friday, October 11, 2013

Inspirational Senior Travellers

If you are concerned about travelling and need some inspiration, check out the blog of two Canadians,, who are full-time travellers in their later years.

Having sold their condo and car in Vancouver and begun drawing on their retirement savings plans, they set out to see the world despite the fact that one of them, Don, had health problems. He discovered that travelling made him feel a lot better.

The couple have travelled mainly in Asia and the South Pacific, with forays into Europe and Latin America. They are now in Argentina. Moderate budget travel is their style--they stay in small hotels or apartments, or sometimes house sit, rather than staying at hostels. Still, they claim their costs average about $100 per day, a reasonable sum. I'm not sure whether this includes air fare.

They join Linda Brown, of the Website, in showing that it is quite possible to travel extensively in one's later years without breaking the bank.

I am indebted to Matt of for bringing Alison and Don to my attention. Matt has one of the most interesting travel blogs around.


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