Friday, October 04, 2013

Retire to Thailand?

According to CNBC (,) many Westerners are choosing Thailand for early retirement.

The number of retirement visa applications from citizens of the UK, Germany and the USA reached 35,000 recently and is expected to climb to 45,000 soon. People choose Thailand for the climate, the lower cost of living and the amenities and activities.

One couple rent a three-bedroom villa with pool in a resort area and eat out a lot, and still their total monthly costs come to less than $2500, considerably less than they were spending in Britain for a smaller place and eating out rarely.

There are downsides. Medical insurance becomes expensive once the retirees reach their 70s. and so do medical costs. Still, at least in the early years of retirement, this sounds like a good deal.

I haven't visited Thailand myself. The place in Asia that appeals to me for retirement is Siberia or the Russian Far East, but then I have yet to endure a Siberian winter. Mongolia is also of interest, but I understand it is very windy and that would be difficult for someone like me who wears contact lenses.


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