Monday, October 28, 2013

YUL Deals

If you live anywhere in Canada, you are probably aware that airline passengers in Canada pay among the highest taxes in the world to fly. I recently booked a flight where taxes and fees accounted for exactly one-third of the total fare.

That is the reason many Canadians choose to fly from and into nearby airports in the United States, where travel taxes are a lot lower.Canadian airports lose a lot of travellers to airports in Buffalo NY, Burlington, VT and similar places close to the Canadian border.

 So any news on good airline deals from |Canada is welcome. The site highlights some current bargain flights from Montreal, mostly to Asia. For example, you can fly to either Beijing or Shanghai, China this fall and winter for just less than $850 return by booking with certain Websites. YUL deals tells you how to do the booking.

If you don't live in Montreal, there are similar sites for other Canadian for Toronto, for example.


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