Friday, November 22, 2013

72 Hour Sale from Southwest

In the U.S. at this time of year, consumers are bombarded with information about special promotions for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This year a number of stores are actually opening on Thanksgiving Day itself, next Thursday, in order to firm up their bottom lines.

You don't generally see much in the way of travel sales, since the Thanksgiving weekend is generally the most crowded time on airlines, trains, buses and the highways, even worse than Christmas.

Southwest Airlines (www/ is bucking the trend, however. For 72 hours this weekend starting today, they are reducing fares on some flights to as little as $72 one-way. It isn't for Thanksgiving travel, but applies on certain dates between Dec. 10 and March 12. One sample of a $72 flight is from Washington- Baltimore to Columbus Ohio or Indianapolis IN. That route doesn't interest me now, but I used to fly fairly regularly between Washington, where I was studying, and Columbus, where my parents lived..

For more information on the offer, click "Special Offers" on the airline's home page.


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