Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Avoid Charles de Gaulle this Weekend

The main international airport for Paris, Charles de Gaulle, is expected to be shut by a strike that will start on Friday, Nov. 29 and last through Sunday, Dec. 1.The German carrier  Lufthansa ( has cancelled all its flights to and from that airport for those dates, and other airlines may follow suit.

It is an unfortunate fact of travel that plans can be sideswiped by any number of events--strikes, bad weather such as the weather that is now affecting the Northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada, mechanical problems. It is best to be prepared for such misfortunes, so you won't despair if they occur.

Airlines usually offer cancellation or re-booking in these circumstances. If you need to spend overnight in an airport, be prepared with travel snacks, earplugs and an eye mask, and plenty of reading material. It also helps to carry extra money in cash for any unplanned expenses. And if you incur expenses, keep track of them because you may be able to secure trimbursement from your airline, travel agent or travel insurance company.


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