Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cash Disappearing on Airlines

I recently flew with US Airways (,) and while the flights were fine, I was surprised to discover that it is hard to do much of anything with cash. If you want food onboard, you need a credit card. If you want to check a bag, you can still pay cash but they would much prefer a credid card.

The lesson, is suppose, is don't try to travel very far without a credit card. There is a popular television program in Canada that deals with debtors, and the host invariably requires the people in debt to destroy their credit cards. I wonder whether she realizes she is sentnecing them to stay in one place?

I also am concerned about what happens if you lose your credit cards overseas? Hope it never happens--that must be a very difficult.

Incidentally, a good way to save on food costs while travelling is to pack your own meals. That way you can eat exactly what you want, and you are more likely to eat healthily. I usually carry snacks when I travel--nuts, hard boiled eggs, fruit,crackers etc. Sandwiches are good provided they don't contain anything likely to spoil quickly, like chichen or mayonnaise.


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