Saturday, December 07, 2013

January Travel

You already know that the Christmas-New Year holiday period is one of the most expensive times of year to travel. If you do need to go somewhere at that time, either book far ahead or plan to travel on the actual holiday rather than a date near the holiday.

However, January is a good month for travel savings since few people want to venture out in the middle of winter, which it is for us in the northern hemisphere. The first week of January is a prime time to score deals on resorts, whether sun or snow variety. I have referred earlier to the good prices, at least in relative terms, offered during New York City's January hotel week.

Travel to Europe or the Mediterranean is also possible in January, and tourist numbers tend to be at their lowest. The Website lists a number of escorted tours that are available at a cost of $999 or less, per person based on double occupancy, and some of them are offered in January. You can explore Prague, Vienna and Budapest for nine days in January, or spend 10 days in Morocco. These reasonably-priced tours are offered to a number of other destinations as well--Spain and Portugal, Britain, Egypt etc., but not in January.

So don't let the bad weather bother you--there are a lot of travel options after the holidays.


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