Thursday, December 26, 2013

More than a Room at Drury Hotels

If you are travelling in the U.S. heartland or the South, consider a stay at Drury Inns or Hotels ( These mid-priced lodgings give you a lot for your money--a free hot breakfast, hot food and cold drinks in the evening, free WiFi and up to 60 minutes of free long-distance calls all included with the room rate.

Booking their e-saver rates online, prices range from about $60 per night to about $120, per room, not per person. The evening offer of cold drinks may include alcoholic drinks, depending on local ordinance. (Yes, there are still parts of the U.S. where it is illegal to serve alcohol.)

Being able to eat free at your hotel is a significant savings, and a great convenience after a long day of driving. Most Drury Hotels are located near major highways. The chain started in Missouri and is gradually expanding across the country, but has not yet reached the Northeast or the West Coast.

Drury Hotels received a favourable mention in the latest edition of CSA News, a publication of the Canadian Snowbird Association (


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