Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Gift of Travel

If you are uncertain of what to buy this holiday season for a friend or relative, consider the gift of travel. It doesn't have to fit, can be used when the recipient desires, and can be tailored to the tastes of the recipient.

You can even be a little selfish with this gift. If you don't see enough of someone who lives at a distance, encourage them to visit by springing for a plane ticket, a train ticket or at least a bus ticket or coupons for gas. Or tell them that your gift to them will be a visit at a time convenient to them. (For this to work, you have to be sure they will welcome your visit.)

A great gift for a young person is a trip they can take by themselves, as a symbol of their adult status. I was thrilled one Christmas to receive a Caribbean cruise from my parents. Or if you want to spend more time with a child or gtrandchild, a trip you can share is often a welcome present.

A dream trip such as an African safari or ski holdiay in Europe is a gift that the receiver will remember long after he or she has forgotten all those sweaters, ties and electronic goods. A travel agent can help you with arranging a travel gift for someone of your choosing, or of ccourse you can just give money with the proviso that it be spent on travel.


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