Monday, December 23, 2013

Trains Get Through Ice Storm

Toronto and other parts of eastern Canada have been experiencing a devastating ice storm over the weekend. In Toronto as many as 250,000 people were without power at one time, and some may not get their lights back on until Christmas. Shelters have been opened to assist people who need to get out of the cold.

Meantime, the storm has moved on through Quebec and into the Maritime provinces, disrupting travel by road and air at one of the busiest times of eyar. However, if you are travelling by train the news is better. Via Rail ( reported that while there will probably be delays on several routes, no cancellations are expected. The affected services are between Toronto and Montreal, Toronto and New York, Halifax and Montreal, and Toronto and Ottawa.

I remember the historic ice storm that hit Montreal and surrounding areas in 1997, causing parts of the city to be dark for 10 days. My power remained on, but just listening to the reports about the damage and seeing blackness all around was scary enough.

The experience with this storm illustrates once again that in winter, rail is often the most reliable means of transportation. A huge storm can stop even trains, but generally trains are less bothered by weather than other means of transportation. So if you are travelling in the colder months, consider taking a train when possible.

To all my friends in Toronto, I hope you were not affected by the power outages, or if you were that your lights and heat come back on soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Who can forget that ice storm in Montreal, and weren't we so very lucky to escape the power outage. I still recall walking back from work through the downtown area on the Friday when the lights went out downtown, and the surprise when, on reaching my place, to find that the power was still on despite the fact that all the neighbouring streets were in the dark. I never did figure out why our block was not affected.

All the best for 2014 Margaret, and do keep on blogging, it is much appreciated.

Your friend and former neighbour, Joan in PEI

10:04 am


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