Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Learn to Teach English Abroad

Language Corps ( is a U.S. based organization that provides training for English teachers in a number of locations abroad. The choices are wide and the fees are reasonable.

You can take a four-week TESOL certificate in Europe, Asia, or Latin America, and in either Turkey or Morocco. The choices in Europe are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Russia or Spain. In Russia, the courses take palce in beautiful St. Petersburg. The only similar program I know of in Russia is given in Moscow.

For the Russian training, the course fee is $1695 and accommodation for four weeks is a mere $550 for a single room. Assistance in finding a job is also available, and according to the Website most of the people who obtain their certificate are offered jobs almost immediately.

. The English-teaching field is complex, with several different certificate programs on offer. Probably the most widely recognized one is the CELTA, but many jobs overseas require just any four-week certificate  plus a university degree.

If you are lucky, you may be able to obtain work on the spot with little or no training. However, teaching is not easy work, and knowing something about how to do it well will always give you an advantage.

 Because of the difficulty now of making money as a writer, several writers I know have trained in teaching English, and I am considering doing so myself. An English teaching certificate is a good credential to have.


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I love this idea to reinforce and practise using English. I am considering doing volunteer work in my community by teaching ESL and hadn't even slightly thought of using games.

What isTOEIC

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