Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Single Day for Best Air Fares

If like most people you book airline tickets online, you may wonder which is the best day of the week to find good deals. Some people say it is Tuesday, when a lot of airlines announce sales, or Webnesday, or Saturday, or very early in the morning.

According to, there is no best day of the week to get good deals, nor any best time of day.  Big price reductions can pop up at any time, and unless you want to spend a lot of time online checking various airline Websites, it may be better to let someone else do the legwork. On Airfare Watchdog, you can input the cities to which you want to travel and asked to be notified when unusually good deals pop up.

I also find that Twitter ( is a good source of information on flash sales and other reduced prices for travel. By following your favourite airlines and hotel chains, you can be among the first to know when rates are reduced. Twitter is also useful if you are travelling during inclement weather and want to find out when airlines waive change fees, something that has been happening quite a lot lately here in North America where the winter has been unusually harsh.

If you are a fairly infrequent traveller or just don't want to be bothered with the mental clutter created by trying to get absolutely the best fare, you always have the option of booking six months ahead or more. That will ensure that at least you aren't paying extra for last minute bookings, and your fare is likely to be among the best available.


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