Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Value Stays

Check the Website of Lonely Planet ( for their choice of the 10 best value  stays around the world for 2014. They include both hotels and hostels. Unfortunately the article does not list prices, but somewhere else I read that at least one of the hotels charges several hundred dollars per room.

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like good value to me. Presumably the hostels are a lot cheaper, and although I'm not generally a hostel fan some of the pictures make me think perhaps I should give them another try.

Lonely Planet's top pick is a modern hostel call The Backpacker in Cape Town, South Africa, equipped with a bar and other attractions including a friendly staff that will help arrange excursions into the bush or tours of the townships.

South Africa also snagged the nunber three spot with the Drakensberg Inkosana Lodge. The Sydney Harbout YHA, another hostel, was number two. The Old Plovdiv Guest House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria ranked fourth, while the Gasthof Gruner Baum (which means green tree) in Italy's Sudtirol region was number five. Check the article for the remaining choices, and for some great pictures.


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